Working With Ocho the Foster Dog



The Carter family is hosting Ocho, a foster dog from eastern Herding Dog Rescue. Ocho is between 1 and 3 years old. (We think it’s on the younger side). He has a friendly disposition, but an evaluation demonstrated he has some behaviors that need work. He chases cars against the fence in enclosed areas, his recall is weak as is his stay, and he has some resource guarding issues with other dogs. He does know “sit” and “down” and is eager to please when he understands what is wanted. He is also great with children and good with other animals. (Dogs and cats, although he does like to herd cats.)

Our guess is the collection of behaviors Ocho accumulated probably resulted from being left in a yard and not actively worked to constructively satisfy his drives and build relationships with people. His recall is weak . Here we are working on his recall, and to channel his herding drives away from cars on on to a ball. We used other animals to tire him out and then used the ball which is a high reward to him. He has developed a much stronger bond to people since being surrounded by them. He is also crate trained.

Shaping Ocho is part of the process of preparing him to fit well into a forever home situation.

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