What To Expect When Fostering a Dog

15-06-11-SherCoCo (10)

Coco, a rescue-foster dog, from easternherdingdogrescue.org needed a safe place to whelp and care for her pups until they reached adoption age and were primed for a successful connection with a forever home. This the story of how she came to be with the Carter’s and the journey they went through toward their forever home. This is also about the foster dog process in general and the many people in the Shelter-Rescue-Foster community that do their best to make channel every pet to a good home. We’re very glad at TSPN to participate and get to know and see CoCo and the 7 puppies make their successful transition to their forever homes.

CoCo’s arrived on March 24th 2015. Her 7 “CoCo pups” were born on 3/26 and 3/27. There are other videos with updates and close ups of their journey while the pups are weaning, there is also a video of the live feed that was broadcast over the net of the births.

By the time CoCo was adopted, she was well socialized and confident that trips in the car were not frighting. We warned her new people she does like to be a speed bump. She likes to lay in the path to keep an eye on things.

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