Vaccination Schedules For Our Pets



Vaccinating our pets is a necessary chore. But there have been questions that have cropped up regarding the frequency and efficacy of those vaccines. Not giving vaccines has its own drawbacks and should be thought through and researched before giving or not giving any vaccine. There have been many articles done on this topic and this one has been chosen from the herd to outline the pros and cons of vaccinating our pets on a schedule. Some vaccines such as rabies, are required by state law, but others like bordetella are as needed. Keep that in mind when trying to evaluate what your pet needs and what you think they MAY be able to do without.


Dr. Ronald Schultz, a veterinary immunologist at the forefront of vaccine research and chair of the University of Wisconsin’s Department of Pathobiological Sciences shared this quote in the article in Dogs Naturally Magazine on vaccines and protocols:


“The patient receives no benefit and may be placed at serious risk when an unnecessary vaccine is given. Few or no scientific studies have demonstrated a need for cats or dogs to be revaccinated. …”


The best thing that we can do for our pets is our homework. How necessary is it to vaccinate every year? Do our adult dogs need all the things our vets say they do? Are cats included in this controversy? For more information look up vaccine protocols or check out the rest of the article that was used for the quote from Dr.Schultz.


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