Sibling Rivalry

What It Takes To Be a Foster Home

  Coco, a rescue-foster dog, from needed a safe place to whelp and care for her pups until they reached adoption age and were primed for a successful connection with a forever home. This the story of how she came to be with the Carter’s and the journey they went through toward their forever […]

Puppy Moving Day

There is a Foster Dog named CoCo, who was in need of a safe place to deliver and raise her babies. My family and I stepped up to be that safe place. She delivered 7 beautiful puppies March 27-28 and things have been progressing along rapid-fire ever since. We have moved the puppies from the […]

Dog Aggression Between Housemates

Many of us who have more than one dog living in our homes, have had a scuffle or two over the years. Why does that happen? Some studies have been done to try to pinpoint the cause for these scuffles. The general consensus is (two dog households were used for the studies) that male-male homes had […]

How Much Trolling is Too Much?

  Reagan was impatiently waiting for her sister Abby to get her homework done so they could play. Since Abby was taking too long in Reagan’s opinion, she got bored. As a helpful incentive to get done, Reagan started a song off the cuff to express her sadness and boredom. The song included her troubling […]