Guinea Pig (Domesticated Animal)

Is Your Pet Itchy & Scratchy?

Dogs may itch for many different reasons and sometimes it’s for no reason. While some scratching is normal, the medical term for excessive itching is pruritus and that is a problem. Pruritus is among the most common reasons people take their dogs to the vet. The main reasons for the scratching are infection, excessively oily […]

Which Pet is Best For You?

Christina Carter talks With Roxy Brown from the Roanoke Regional Center for Animal Care and Protection about adopting pets. They cover tips on how to prepare, what to know and how to prepare to make a good home for a pet or pets. They also talk about the rewards of volunteering and fostering pets and […]

How Companion Animals Affect Our Health and Fitness

  Dana Casciotti PhD, wrote an excellent article for The National Center for Health Research about The Impact of Companion Animals on Health and Fitness. We humans are social by nature. Like any animal with specific drives, our social drives must be satisfied in order to realize our full potential health and well being. Satisfying our […]

Tips on Caring For a Guinea Pig

Abby talks about the basics of caring for a Guinea Pig. (Also known as a “Cavey”) Abby, Reagan and Grammy cared for “Scootles” the pre-school Guinea Pig over the summer.