Feeding Tips

Cats Can be Poisoned by Regular Household Items

    Cat biology is not the same as humans. One look at a cat next to some catnip will tell you that. While the plant does not trigger much in the way of stimulation to us, it sends them into a playful behavioral trance. Catnip is not the only thing that affects feline biology […]

AniMeals on Wheels Helps Seniors & the Disabled With Food for Dogs and Cats

Thanks to partnerships between Meals On Wheels and pet groups across the country, fewer people and pets are going hungry.  According to Sherry Scott of San Diego, if Meals on Wheels didn’t bring donated dog food her golden retriever Tootie she would be giving her the food that was meant for her. According to the  Helen […]

Puppies Heading Into Week 6

Day 35: The puppies got their toenails clipped, weighed and their first real collars. The puppies are getting bigger. They are now going in and out on their own. They are also getting exposed to more people and things as they explore a bigger world. Puppy chow slightly moistened is now being fed to them […]

Should I Feed my Dog Garlic?

  Over the years many people have sworn by the health benefits of garlic in limited amounts as a supplement for dogs. Some argue it helps control fleas Others have pegged the pungent substance as a harmful and unnecessary part of a dog’s healthy diet. Mike Sagman and the folks over at TheDogFoodAdvisor.com put together this […]

Pet Rats Part 2 of 4 – Healthy Diet 1

  This is part 2 of a 4 part series on rats. This article will focus on a healthy diet,. The next two will center on things to think about when choosing a pet rat, and how to best insure their health & well being. Be sure to read part 1 on Environment (housing) (Click […]

Dog Food Recall Source

One of the best sources out there on the internet for finding reputable dog and cat food reviews, recalls and more. The Dog Food Advisor. When in doubt, check it out! They do the research for you to be comfortable with the food you are feeding your pets. The founder, Mike Sagman, had a personal tragedy […]

Homemade Dog Cookies

  We are now in a day and age that people are going vegan, organic, gluten free, etc. Well, the good news is that our pets can too. And that’s even better news for pets with food allergies. Out in cyberspace you can find oodles of recipes for Fido and if you are a pro […]

Raised Dog Food Bowls

When thinking about our pets and what is best for them, most of us think first about their health. When working for a veterinarian it was normal for us to recommend elevating food bowls, especially for those large and giant breed dogs who were more prone to “Bloat”. BLOAT is when the stomach twists, the […]