Dog Grooming

What It Takes To Be a Foster Home

  Coco, a rescue-foster dog, from needed a safe place to whelp and care for her pups until they reached adoption age and were primed for a successful connection with a forever home. This the story of how she came to be with the Carter’s and the journey they went through toward their forever […]

How Dog Shows Work

Christina Carter outlines the process of showing a pure bred dog at the Salem Civic Center. The dogs being shown are Newfoundlands. Newfoundlands are large working dogs, that can be black, brown, white and black or gray. In Canada the the only correct colors are black and white and black. Life span: 8 – 10 […]

Hot Spot Care

Our pets can be susceptible to hot spots for many reasons, but it seems more noticeable in the summer. It may be due to more frequent baths, bugs, or just plain itchy skin, but whatever the cause, it can be serious and is usually painful. Consult your veterinarian on the best course of action for […]

How a Dog Drinks

Have you ever wondered just how a dog quenches its thirst? Here’s a slow motion video from Discovery that unlocks the mystery. Enjoy!

Bathing a Rescue Dog

CoCo is a rescue dog who was never properly socialized for bath time. Because of that, and the obvious after effects of prior trauma, she responded with fear to many things. Making her feel generally comfortable and confident with attention, praise, ample food and reliable routines have helped her to begin to come out of […]

Children, Dogs and Improved Health

Here’s a fun fact: When infants and children are in frequent contact with dogs, they have a reduced risk of developing immune disorders including asthma and many common allergies. Scientists have wondered about the source of this benefit for a number of years. Recently it is looking more and more like the microbes that live […]

Image First Bath Video

This video is the first bath Image has had since coming home with me to be our newest family member. Her breeder, Paula, had washed her before leaving her house, and she didn’t need it before now. Washing your dog(s) roughly every 6-8 weeks is a good idea. It keeps the dandruff and dirt from […]

Grooming – Long Coated Dog Breed

In this video we share the process for blow drying your dog after their bath. Not all dogs are accepting of the doggie dryer or a people hair dryer, so take it in baby steps if they are struggling. The best time to start with the training is early on. However, it is not too […]

Is Your Pet Itchy & Scratchy?

Dogs may itch for many different reasons and sometimes it’s for no reason. While some scratching is normal, the medical term for excessive itching is pruritus and that is a problem. Pruritus is among the most common reasons people take their dogs to the vet. The main reasons for the scratching are infection, excessively oily […]

Bathing A Large Dog: Jasper the Newfoundland

Jasper, an 11 month old Newfoundland is the star of this video, but it covers all dog types, some of the products tools and techniques, as well as tips on how to coach dogs on cooperating and even learning to like the experience.