Sandy Barbabella: The Woman Who Reads to Dogs



Meet Sandy Barbabella, a resident of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania who volunteers at the Western Pennsylvania Humane Society (WPHS). Among the things she does is reading to shelter dog. Barbabella gained internet notoriety when a reddit user by the name puglife123 posted a picture of her reading and comforting the shelter dogs. “I just thought it was the most precious thing I had ever seen… I had never seen Sandy before that day… Just that small thing she was doing kept the animal quiet and calm.”

Her story of choice is a children’s book about Biscuit the yellow puppy.  There is no doubt that a picture can serve as a symbol of the opportunity we all have to cultivate something valuable in the context of life through simple acts of kindness and dedication. Her effort has inspired thousands to share their stories and find out how they might get connected to their local shelters.

The story behind how Barbabella came to do what she does started more than a decade and a half ago when she adopted a five-week-old Pembroke Welsh corgi. Her puppy’s name was Angus. Named after Angus Young, the frontman for the rock band AC/DC. Not long after bringing Angus home, he was diagnosed with pancreatitis. Barbabella followed the vet’s intensive treatment plan and as a result, Angus lived for 12 years when he succumbed to pneumonia. Angus’s food dish still sits in Barbabella;s kitchen, an unspoken reminder of the love and committed dedication that grew from the relationship between this wonderful woman and her loving dog. “He was a beautiful dog, even the day that he passed,” Barbabella said.


You Can Help

Get in touch with your local shelter, many of whom have dog walking programs, foster care needs and could always use that extra loving hand. like that of Sandy Barbabella. It is this level of dedication that illustrates the deep, life transforming bond that can emerge from the relationship between people and pets.

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