Puppies Heading Into Week 6


Day 35: The puppies got their toenails clipped, weighed and their first real collars. The puppies are getting bigger. They are now going in and out on their own. They are also getting exposed to more people and things as they explore a bigger world. Puppy chow slightly moistened is now being fed to them and they are off mama’s milk completely. (This is not always the case by this age, but their mother weaned them fairly early) They are also learning to potty in a specific area even though some are slow to pick up on it consistently.

Coco is a Foster dog from easternherdingdogrescue.org. CoCo needed a safe place to whelp and care for her pups until they reach adoption age, so we are glad to participate. Her 7 “CoCo pups” were born on 3/27 and 3/28.

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