Medical Science Discovers What Cats Have Known All Along


Thanks to cats, a significant human mechanism has been discovered to improve healing. It was discovered some time ago that cats purr when they are severely injured or frightened. Domestic cats, servals, ocelots, and pumas produce fundamental, dominant, or strong frequencies at exactly 25 Hz and 50 Hz,, and these two low frequencies promote bone growth/fracture healing. These four species have a strong harmonic exactly at, or within 2 Hz of 100 Hz, a frequency used therapeutically for pain, edema, wounds, and dyspnea. These frequencies are now used regularly in the healing of human bones. This “sound as a healing method” has now expanded to other types of wounds.

In a continuation of the impact of specific sound frequencies non healing, scientists have recently discovered that ultrasound can positively influence the healing of stubborn chronic wounds. Animal tests showed healing times could be cut by almost a third.

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