How Silly Are You In Public for Your Dog?


Some dogs need a little more support during training sessions than others. That means that sometimes, you need to be their cheerleader. Even if it’s while you are in public. If you have a very timid or stoic dog (one that may be a little afraid or showing no reaction whatsoever) then you may need to shed the concern you may have for looking goofy in public. Your friend needs you to show them that these things are no big deal. For a dog to be vocal it means they are drawing attention to themselves, and the tone plays a large part in how your dog responds to your attempts at being a cheerleader. If you are a shy person anyway, just chalk it up if someone asks to training the dog. You are the only one who can be your dog’s advocate, help them be the best citizens they can be. If that means you have to let your silly out in front of others sometimes, so be it!!

Highly recommend all animal trainers read this article. It helped me to articulate why it’s such a good idea, and reminded me to pass these gems on to my students:

Praise Your Dog – Fear, Insecurity and the Need for Social Acceptance

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