E-Cigarette Paraphernalia Can Be Harmful Or Fatal to Pets


Aspcapro.org, VetStreet.com and others are sounding the alarm of the dangers of E-cigarettes. Nicotine is dangerous to pets. E-cigarette paraphernalia, most notably the oils used in what is called “vaping” often contains more concentrated levels of nicotine than in traditional tobacco products, as a consequence they can be harmful or fatal to pets. To compound the issue the nicotine is in liquid form, making it more easily absorbed by ingestion or contact. Some mixtures can also contain other harmful chemicals such as diethylene glycol which, if ingested can cause injury to the kidney. The liquids are sometimes flavored making them more attractive to pets.

The most common signs with nicotine overdose in pets is vomiting, drooling, diarrhea, and elevated heart rates, tremors, seizures, lethargy, muscular weakness . This can also lead to death from respiratory muscle weakness and heart arrhythmias. Liquid nicotine can be absorbed through the skin or mucous membranes. This make it especially dangerous to have around pets that might find the taste appealing or accidentally ingest harmful or lethal amounts.


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