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Coco is a Foster dog from who needed a safe place to whelp and care for her pups until they reach adoption age. We were glad to participate and promote the many people and organizations that make the world a better place for people and pets.

This page will chronicle CoCo and her pup’s journey to get prepared forever homes.

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CoCo arrived 3/24/2015 in late term pregnancy. Her conception date, history and temperament were unknowns. Our first goal was to settle her in and make her comfortable. With two dogs, two cats and two children in the house “calm” was the word we used to help CoCo ease into her surroundings, which she did.  We set up a whelping room for her to get familiar with. We took her to see the vet on 3/35 where between 6 and 8 pups were detected by x-ray. (It is not always easy to detect everyone).

CoCo and her 7 “CoCo pups” were born on 3/27 and 3/28   Click here to see the birth video.

Click here to learn about early socialization and settling in (3 days after the pups were born)

Click here to learn about Early Neurological Stimulation and the usefulness of keeping track of puppy weight. (Developed by Dr. Carmen Battaglia)

Click here for an exciting announcement about one of the pup’s future.

Click here for a Week 2 Pup-date on the babies and CoCo.


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