CoCo “Beanie” Got Adopted

15-06-11-SherCoCo (10)

CoCo was our foster dog through Eastern Herding Dog Rescue (EHDR) that came to us VERY pregnant and needing a safe place to have her babies. Our family gladly took her in and gave her and the puppies a safe place. The puppies were raised until they were 8 weeks old before they went to their homes, and still CoCo remained with us. This is the day her Adoptive Family came to meet her and take her home. Their references were checked out, adoption application gone over, and several conversations to check the “fit” between CoCo and the interested family. You can see how happy and comfortable she was with her family. This is the best outcome possible for a Rescue Organization, Foster Family & Rescue Dog.  We love you CoCo Beanie, and we wish you the best!


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