Cats Can be Poisoned by Regular Household Items

    Cat biology is not the same as humans. One look at a cat next to some catnip will tell you that. While the plant does not trigger much in the way of stimulation to us, it sends them into a playful behavioral trance. Catnip is not the only thing that affects feline biology […]

The Dogs of War — A Short History of Canines in Combat

A NEW MONUMENT commemorating the sacrifices of some very special warriors will be dedicated in California in the New Year. The memorial won’t honour soldiers, sailors, fliers or even the Coast Guar… Source: The Dogs of War — A Short History of Canines in Combat

How to Clean Cat Urine | petMD | petMD

The lingering, pungent odor of cat urine is enough to make a homeowner with carpeted floors weep in despair. Besides the unhealthy air you’re breathing, the “mark” beckons your kitty to return again and again to that same spot. Here’s how to get rid of it for good. Source: How to Clean Cat Urine | […]

CoCo And Her Pups Petrospective

  This is a little “Petrospective” we did on CoCo and her pups in April and May of 2015. CoCO was a rescue that has now found a wonderful forever home as have all 7 of her pups. We’ll be doing a full story about CoCo and the pups in the near future to share […]

A Letter to Your Pet’s Future Owner

  A dying woman penned a letter about her beloved cat, which prompted Laura Moss, a writer to do the same. If you knew your pet would have to be cared for by someone else, what would you do to prepare for your pets future? Here is Laura’s letter Dear friend, Thank you for adopting my […]

E-Cigarette Paraphernalia Can Be Harmful Or Fatal to Pets

Aspcapro.org, VetStreet.com and others are sounding the alarm of the dangers of E-cigarettes. Nicotine is dangerous to pets. E-cigarette paraphernalia, most notably the oils used in what is called “vaping” often contains more concentrated levels of nicotine than in traditional tobacco products, as a consequence they can be harmful or fatal to pets. To compound the […]

Parasite Found in Cats Linked to Behavior Change in Humans

There is a parasite called Toxoplasma gondii that can live in a number of different mammals, but must carry out its reproductive cycle inside a cat gut. In order to spread from cat to cat the bacteria uses a strategy of infecting and editing rodent brains by their contact with cat feces. Since rodents eat […]

A Study Finds That Cats Do Control Humans

In the category of “no big surprise” a recent study found that cats really do control the behaviors of humans. This study focused on cat vocalizations that encourage certain behaviors on the part of their humans. Some cats were found to possibly manipulate their owners into feeding them with a unique meow. The study found that […]