Cat Litter Box Location Tips

When selecting where your kitty litter box is going to be, did you keep these things in mind? Is your cat being non-compliant about using his/her litter box? Maybe these tips will help.



Best Location for Cat Litter Box


  1. Cats do not like to feel trapped. A quiet corner of a spare room or any room that is relatively low traffic (if it’s not too confining) would be ideal.
  2. Generally cats do not like their litter box near their food and water. Different rooms may be necessary to keep your kitty happy.
  3. You may need more than one litter box if you have more than one cat. Sometimes they can be dominant and not want to share their litter box.
  4. When adopting a new cat/kitten be sure to keep it in a smaller “training space” until they learn their new home and where their litter box is stationed.
  5. Once the new adoption has relaxed in its new environment and you let it out into the great beyond, let the cat make its own path, that way it is more likely to remember where the litter box is and return there.
  6. Try changing brands of litter if your litter box placement follows the rest of these guidelines.



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