Canine Euthanasia Due to Aggression



There are many reasons why we must be parted from our beloved pets. Because they cannot be helped is not something usually thought of in our normal scenarios. Typically that is true. In this article you will see how one person felt about her dog’s behavior issues and the outcome while sad, was inevitable. The decision that was made is a very personal one and most people are not going to agree on the “right way” to be.

I have no doubt that ending his life was the right thing to do. This choice – and it didn’t feel like a choice, but something I had to do – is not one everyone would make, I know.

Judging others is not for us to do. I for one, have no idea how things would end up for my family and/or pet(s) if we had to go down this road, but I do applaud this person’s courage for sharing something that is heartbreaking and honest. Thank you for your bravery in opening up about something that most of us don’t know how to share. The full article is here for someone looking for support or answers. Hug your furry friends today.

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