Can MY Dog Ever Go Off Leash?


Not all dogs can work off leash, but most dogs can. It takes lots of patience, training, and perseverance. Without all of those things, you won’t get far, but the benefits of putting the time in early on are HUGE! Exercising them is easier, there is more trust in the bond with your dog, we humans panic less about potentially harmful situations and the dog is more relaxed because we are more relaxed.

In this very short video True, CoCo & Image (who is on leash), have certain freedoms and we explain what we do to keep their focus on our walks. Walking enables them to take the edge off their energy so they are about to lounge around during the day while their people are “boring”. Another video on the subject that we put together for you, Good Reasons to Walk the Dogs, gives you more benefits for walking the dogs in the morning.

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