Can I Give My Dog Sweet Potatoes?



Sweet Potatoes and Dogs

Generally speaking, meat should be at least 25 to 50% of a dogs diet. More is better, but according to sweet potatoes, pumpkin, yams, and squashes are all excellent additions to a dog’s diet in the right measure. Sweet potatoes should be cooked, and can then be used a portion at a time over a few days. Other things dogs can eat as part of their diet are carrots (cooked lightly or shredded/chopped finely) broccoli, peas and even leafy greens. The thing to especially avoid is grains. Grains are irritating and frequently used in commercial kibble type food.Also, corn is not a vegetable. It is a grain. Some breeds are particularly prone to grain allergies, consult your vet. White rice is not too aggressive on a dogs digestive system. Some dogs with digestive problems, even temporary ones can improve when fed rice.


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