Bathing a Rescue Dog


CoCo is a rescue dog who was never properly socialized for bath time. Because of that, and the obvious after effects of prior trauma, she responded with fear to many things. Making her feel generally comfortable and confident with attention, praise, ample food and reliable routines have helped her to begin to come out of her shell and accept that she will not be harmed; even if she doesn’t like what might be happening in a given moment.

Building a bridge to help her cope with the everyday things she will be exposed to in her forever home while calming her fear is the goal. It required positive reinforcement and sometimes gentle persuasion to help her cope. CoCo has gone from a “shut down” state to now preferring human company and she likes to play with select doggie friends and cats. (She likes to play dance with cats.) This capacity to make nourishing social bonds and begin to have fun is a great step forward for her.

CoCo is very sweet and continues to make progress. She will make a great and loyal companion dog when she lands safely in her forever home.


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