AniMeals on Wheels Helps Seniors & the Disabled With Food for Dogs and Cats


Thanks to partnerships between Meals On Wheels and pet groups across the country, fewer people and pets are going hungry.  According to Sherry Scott of San Diego, if Meals on Wheels didn’t bring donated dog food her golden retriever Tootie she would be giving her the food that was meant for her.

According to the  Helen Woodward Animal Center’s website (, back in 1984, a volunteer with the Meals-on-Wheels program discovered one of her clients was sharing her delivered food with her cats. Realizing the woman was sacrificing her health to keep her companions healthy, she approached the Helen Woodward Animal Center. Out of this the AniMeals program was created. It began serving just 10 clients. Today, AniMeals feeds over 250 pets, delivering approximately 3,000 pounds of pet food per month to homebound seniors and disabled. A dedicated group of approximately 40 volunteers works to package and deliver food to 13 distribution in the San Diego CA area. The concept has also spread to other Meals on Wheels programs across the U.S.

For more information read: ‘AniMeals’ on Wheels: Seniors, disabled get help feeding dogs and cats


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