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Socialization is Key For a Successful Partnership

Socializing older dogs can sometimes be necessary. CoCo is a rescue dog and her history was largely unknown. She arrived very pregnant and stressed from long distance travel. The first priority was to get her socialized to the family environment she would have to deal with, which included adults children and cats. Because she was […]

This Video Could Save Your Pet’s Life

  This video shows the “ABC’s” of how to perform CPR on a pet. Learning what to do before it happens can make the difference between life and death. Always keep the following in mind: Know how to rapidly find your pet’s pulse in advance. Know your ABCs: Airway; Breathing; Compression. Get a friend to drive […]

Can MY Dog Ever Go Off Leash?

Not all dogs can work off leash, but most dogs can. It takes lots of patience, training, and perseverance. Without all of those things, you won’t get far, but the benefits of putting the time in early on are HUGE! Exercising them is easier, there is more trust in the bond with your dog, we […]

How a Dog Drinks

Have you ever wondered just how a dog quenches its thirst? Here’s a slow motion video from Discovery that unlocks the mystery. Enjoy!

Why Do Dogs Roll in Smelly Things?

If you ever wondered why your dog likes to roll in dead fish, deer poop, and the occasional wad of used bubble gum, The behavior is called scent rolling. According to Pat Goodmann, a research associate and curator of Wolf Park in Indiana the wolves at their semi-natural wolf reserve also scent roll. When wolves […]

CoCo Jr Gets Chosen to be a Service Dog

CoCo Jr. is one of the puppies out of our litter of Foster Pups that were born and raised here in our home. The process was a great experience for the whole family, plus lots of fun too! There are many requirements for a puppy to be accepted into the training program at Saint Francis […]

E-Cigarette Paraphernalia Can Be Harmful Or Fatal to Pets, and others are sounding the alarm of the dangers of E-cigarettes. Nicotine is dangerous to pets. E-cigarette paraphernalia, most notably the oils used in what is called “vaping” often contains more concentrated levels of nicotine than in traditional tobacco products, as a consequence they can be harmful or fatal to pets. To compound the […]

Bathing a Rescue Dog

CoCo is a rescue dog who was never properly socialized for bath time. Because of that, and the obvious after effects of prior trauma, she responded with fear to many things. Making her feel generally comfortable and confident with attention, praise, ample food and reliable routines have helped her to begin to come out of […]

Pet Stories – Cequinn

Pets come into our lives for many reasons. Jeeves and Cequinn, siblings, came into our lives at the same time. Their whole litter was picked up by a local Rescue Organization and brought to the veterinary facility where I was working. When they arrived the kittens were noticeably malnourished and sick. We lost one the […]