Monthly Archives: May 2015

Tired Puppies are Good Puppies

When puppies are learning to interact with their environment, including each other, they tend to play very hard and then nap very soundly. Learning is emotionally and physically exhausting. The puppies have been having visitors, new things introduced into their environment, outings and just plain lots of activity. So when they decided to nap, they […]

A Study Finds That Cats Do Control Humans

In the category of “no big surprise” a recent study found that cats really do control the behaviors of humans. This study focused on cat vocalizations that encourage certain behaviors on the part of their humans. Some cats were found to possibly manipulate their owners into feeding them with a unique meow. The study found that […]

Reintroducing Wolves to Yellowstone

There is balance in Nature. Life is a series of intertwined relationships that include all the biological creatures in an ecosystem as well as all the bodies of water, land and atmosphere they dwell in and on. An ecosystem’s balance depends on each creature’s role. Some members play critical roles that can greatly affect the […]

Puppies Heading Into Week 6

Day 35: The puppies got their toenails clipped, weighed and their first real collars. The puppies are getting bigger. They are now going in and out on their own. They are also getting exposed to more people and things as they explore a bigger world. Puppy chow slightly moistened is now being fed to them […]

Therapy Dog Receives Hospital’s Top Volunteer Honors – American Kennel Club

Maya Belle who earned AKC’s top Therapy Dog title of THDD. She and her owner, Raymond Rauen of Livonia, cheer up and help heal patients at St. Mary Mercy Hospital offers information on dog breeds, dog ownership, dog training, health, nutrition, exercise & grooming, registering your dog, AKC competition events and affiliated clubs to help […]

Puppy Foundation Training

The best time to cultivate a solid “parenting-partnership relationship” between dogs and their people is when they are puppies. Both the timing as well as what is taught is important because it is the foundation for the relationship the dog will have with their primary person or people and it sets the stage for what […]

Inter Species Communication

There has been talk about Animal Communicators not being normal. Folks are either for or against the idea, as with most things that are not easily understood. Under that larger umbrella belongs the titles of Dog Whisperer, Horse Whisperer, and so on and so forth. This story just so happens to be about a big […]

Puppy Moving Day

There is a Foster Dog named CoCo, who was in need of a safe place to deliver and raise her babies. My family and I stepped up to be that safe place. She delivered 7 beautiful puppies March 27-28 and things have been progressing along rapid-fire ever since. We have moved the puppies from the […]