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Pet Rats Part 1 of 4 – Environment

  This is part 1 of a 4 part series on rats. This article will focus on their environment (housing). The next three will center on proper diet, things to think about when choosing a pet rat, and how to best insure their health & well being. Here are some environmental things to keep in mind […]

Dog Food Recall Source

One of the best sources out there on the internet for finding reputable dog and cat food reviews, recalls and more. The Dog Food Advisor. When in doubt, check it out! They do the research for you to be comfortable with the food you are feeding your pets. The founder, Mike Sagman, had a personal tragedy […]

Homemade Dog Cookies

  We are now in a day and age that people are going vegan, organic, gluten free, etc. Well, the good news is that our pets can too. And that’s even better news for pets with food allergies. Out in cyberspace you can find oodles of recipes for Fido and if you are a pro […]

5 Common Toxic Prescription Medications

According to a recent study 5 of the most common people medications that can be toxic to pets include :     Lipitor® (atorvastatin)   used for regulating cholesterol, mildly irritating, may cause vomiting or diarrhea, not commonly used on pets   Nexium® (esomeprazole)   reduces gastric acid secretion to help with ulcers, also mildly […]

Raised Dog Food Bowls

When thinking about our pets and what is best for them, most of us think first about their health. When working for a veterinarian it was normal for us to recommend elevating food bowls, especially for those large and giant breed dogs who were more prone to “Bloat”. BLOAT is when the stomach twists, the […]

Vaccination Schedules For Our Pets

    Vaccinating our pets is a necessary chore. But there have been questions that have cropped up regarding the frequency and efficacy of those vaccines. Not giving vaccines has its own drawbacks and should be thought through and researched before giving or not giving any vaccine. There have been many articles done on this […]