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Animal Separation Anxiety

  Separation anxiety in animals is an exaggerated fear an animal can develop when their people leave the scene. Social creatures need relationship. If they think that relationship is threatened, it triggers stress behaviors in the animal.  Separation anxiety is seen mostly in dogs, but also parrots, mice and cats can suffer.  Any animal that […]

Saying Goodbye Is Hard

Christina tells the story of Hero, a Border Collie – German Shepherd mix that was a member of the Carter pack for almost 12 years. Hero changed many lives for the better, not the least of which was Christina’s.

Is Your Pet Itchy & Scratchy?

Dogs may itch for many different reasons and sometimes it’s for no reason. While some scratching is normal, the medical term for excessive itching is pruritus and that is a problem. Pruritus is among the most common reasons people take their dogs to the vet. The main reasons for the scratching are infection, excessively oily […]

Can I Give My Dog Sweet Potatoes?

  Sweet Potatoes and Dogs Generally speaking, meat should be at least 25 to 50% of a dogs diet. More is better, but according to sweet potatoes, pumpkin, yams, and squashes are all excellent additions to a dog’s diet in the right measure. Sweet potatoes should be cooked, and can then be used a […]

Pets for Beginners – Red Cherry Shrimp

  Red Cherry Shrimp. That is the question!   Are they easy to care for? That depends on what you call easy. Changing the water is the hardest part of maintenance. Ammonia poisoning is one of the most common causes of aquatic deaths in household pets. Shrimp need fresh water frequently especially with a small […]

Top 10 Most Common Signs of Cancer in Pets

Do you have a pet that you are concerned may have cancer? Check out this Top 10 List and see if your pet’s signs/symptoms are on there.   Top 10 Most Common Signs of Cancer in Animals   Lumps and Bumps – Not every lump or bump is necessarily cancerous, but consulting with your vet […]

Things To Think About When Choosing A Pet

Determining whether or not your family is at the right point in life to adopt a pet and selecting the right pet may not as easy as they sometimes look. Factors like temperament, finances, space, lifestyle, the length of commitment and more play roles in setting the stage to make the pest choice possible. In […]