Monthly Archives: November 2014

Cat Litter Box Location Tips

When selecting where your kitty litter box is going to be, did you keep these things in mind? Is your cat being non-compliant about using his/her litter box? Maybe these tips will help.     Best Location for Cat Litter Box   Cats do not like to feel trapped. A quiet corner of a spare […]

What Do Dogs Really Think of Us

Getting a better picture of what goes on in a dog’s head has been made less speculative and more objective by recent novel uses of brain imaging technology. As it turns out, Dogs tend to be more loyal to people than they are to other dogs. The reward centers of their brain light up with […]

Bringing “Image” Home to Meet the Family

The long awaited day for Image, the Border Collie Puppy to come home has arrived. As promised, The girls, Abby and Reagan get a “wake up call” from the puppy. Next stop, getting the puppy familiar with it’s new people, surroundings and boundaries.

Trip to Get “Image” The Border Collie Puppy

Christina travels to La Luz, New Mexico to pick up the new Border Collie puppy named “Image”. She travels with Gina who is going to visit and to drop off a puppy named “Magic” in Atlanta on the way back. While there, they expose the puppies to important socialization experiences such as herding ducks, being […]

Preparing For a New Puppy

Christina, Abby and Reagan talk about what it takes to get ready for a puppy. They are soon going to be adding “Image”, a Border Collie to the pack. They discuss what to think about, what to get, how to prepare the whole family to successfully welcome the new pack member.

How Much Trolling is Too Much?

  Reagan was impatiently waiting for her sister Abby to get her homework done so they could play. Since Abby was taking too long in Reagan’s opinion, she got bored. As a helpful incentive to get done, Reagan started a song off the cuff to express her sadness and boredom. The song included her troubling […]